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crrrraaaaaazzzzzyyyy over the rainbow, i am craaaaazzzyyy, bars on the windows!

Well life this weekend was to say the least interesting, Friday night i had a friend over and we hung out for a while and that was fun. Saturday was ok i guess, i went to mayday and saw all the really cool bands play except for staind cuz im a wienie. i had a lot of fun running around as the devil all except for a few smart ass chicks who almost got hit. i saw kasper there with her girl and snocone was there with some really hot chick. Daddy was really fun we kind of had all the same problems other than the bitches. Well i crowd surfed for the first time and got my fish net pantyhose torn but thats okay. i ran into nick from pupil there. i ran into eric the guy from steeltrap there and i guess he was with his girlfriend. she alright looking. then comes sunday which was odd cuz i saw nick not the nick but this new guy in my life nick and i was all sick and fucked up looking. hes really cute but hes really rich and i don't know what to do with him ohhhh wellllllll. oh yea i saw the movie "pink floyd's the wall" and i loved it! yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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