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Did you actually think I'd disappear????

Greetings Metal Fans....... tisk tisk tisk..... noone is friends with anyone they used to be, not even me.
Here's what you missed......
Uummmmmm I think we left off in july...... it's now Febuary again and all I seem to think about is what I was doing this time last year. Don't be mistaken, I DO NOT MISS THE DRAMA but I do miss the music and the good times I had with all you guys. (just not enough to get in the middle of sum drama). Okay, August, went back to school, same shit here everyday, didn't do much hung out around the house for a while, if you sit in the same place long enough trouble will come to you. Uuuummmmm, met Dallas who used to live with John Linville (who is the only man I trust other than GOD) Party Party Party!
September, Party Party Drama, met Lori and Chad..... no good, met Lisa and JR, met a whole bunch of cluckers. Fucking crack-heads. met Josh, got interested. My mom turned 38 Tyler went back to my moms........ not much else to that month. I think that was the month Dustin got hit in the eye with a pole and Brandon went to jail. I don't think he's gonna get out soon but there is rumor to it.
October, Court, all hallows eve, Halloween, Lots of fun saw some people I hadn't seen in a long while and fortunatly won't see again for a long while. Chad and Lori broke up, Lori started seeing Josh while I was still interested, so I put the fear of my foot in her ass. She almost made me beat her ass at John's but first off it's John's house and second she was hiding behind him..... I would had hit her if she hadn't pulled him between us. Needless to say not interested anymore.
November, called a stupid chat line for the first time and met Hubert, unfortunatly, but with him I also met Derek very fortunaty. Finally turned 16 (hehehehe sorry if anyone didn't know that) stop hanging out over at John's to spend more time with Derek. Lovey dovey peachy keen, waited a while and finally had my first orgasm. took long enough right? finally got use to being nice to my real mother after she got out of Jail and got her shit back together. I met Dereks mom and sister as well.
December, stayed in the house a lot with Derek, went to chicago for a weekend , saw all the buildings and took some nice pictures, made love for the first time unstead of lust.... its so strange how things like that stand out in a lifetime full of memories. I met Dereks Dad and whent to Christmas dinner with them. I also had Christ mas dinner with his mothers side too, and he in turn met my family and came to Christmas dinner at grandma's. I invited John and Kyle over to see where I was spending all my time. Derek and I throw our first part with both of our friends there.
January, new years, loddy doddy we likes to party,yea right ya'll already know it was a boring ass month. Other than Derek's sister pullin some crazy shit, and me having my cousin and josh from school come over and hang out all Derek and I did was argue and make up.
Febuary, nothings going on this monthe if you wanna read as it happened it's all on my other journal. lj username: Badgirlinside
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