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im a godess on my knees

well here it goes again cuz i just typed this and got booted just as i finished it. well, my mistery man came over last night and things were so nice. he sat in the living room and spoke with my mom for like 2 hours while i cleaned the dirty ass kitchen. i haven't been taking my medician lately and i had a series of episoids last night. i locked my self in the car and mom came out there and dragged me out. i guess when i get pissed off i don't knoe how to shut up cause i kept screaming at her "You're being an ASS." obviously she didn't appreciate that. well after i got out of the car i came in the house and locked myself in the bathroom. my emotions were all fucked up she came to the door and said "we had an agreement if i let people stay with you you show me respect." and i started yelling about i wasn't being disrespectful. i know now i was but you know when your pissed off you always think you're right. well i did eventually say i was sorry. about him now..... hes soooo great. i think that everything is so perfect about him. the things that bother him about himself i appreciate. hes beautiful. he has these amasing eyes they're kind of blueish grey. there are these little wonderful things about him that i notice, like the cute little faces that he makes during sex, him being my fuzzy, and the cute noises he makes while hes playing with the light thingy while i make the bed. he doesn't make me unhappy at all in anyway. he makes me smile and he tells me things that i don't think he tells many people. he tells me he likes my little imperfections and even if its a lie i thikn the fact that he said it is enough for me. he's my fuzzy. i know i will loose him and i know that it will hurt i mean im 15 soooo.... i know that no matter how far away he gets and how long its been since i've seen him i know that he will always have a big part of my heart. i don't know if i mean so much to him but i know what he means to me. if i could only show him what he means to me........ i know these little things about him that make me love him. i love everything from his talent down to the fuzz in his snore. *smiles* mom doesn't understand it all but i don't either so.... we told each other "i love you" like million times last night and when it was all said and done i still feel the same. well im off here chatter box it later
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