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ummmm well im not going to say who this is about but they know

i do love this person a whole lot but i really fucked up. i know i did and thats all i can think about. he means so much to me and i fucked up so bad. *takes a drag off cigarette* i know what i did was wrong.... i am so sorry *cries* i know my appologies may not mean any thing to you but i want you to know i love you and i would give up anything for you you name it its gone. i am so stupid... i acually thought that telling him the truth about this whole situation would make it easier and that if i had lied it would only cause more problems i guess the right thing to do isn't tell the truth look where it gets you. i want you to know i love you and that the thing last night has nothing to do with me and you it had to do with drugs and a guy who tried to kill me.
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