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She has on Kristy's sweater!

Well Kristy you were right about Rachel, she's sitting next to me wearing your sweater. I'm sorry, I know I will run into her again probly do you want me to do something about it or do you wanna do it yourself? It's the big grey abercrombie sweater. Well, today really hasn't been all that interesting, I went to therapy and Dave stayed with mom last night. I want to go home and I can't cause I just got here, this suxxx.
Well, here is what I have left to take care of: I need to finish my finals for Mr. Stults, I need to make up my missed health class and I need to make up some stupid ass comp. class that I missed a few weeks ago. Lucky me I had to stop taking those pills and now it seems like I'm forever pmsing which is just as annoying for me as it is for everyone around me. Since I haven't got school till like 3 tomorrow I think I'm gonna have someone stay with me. I have the house all to myself tomorrow. Mom has to leave at like 8 in the morning to take Sophie to the hospital for something that has to do with her ears. Probly just more tests. When Sophie actually goes in for the implant i have to house sit. I finally get to do whatever I want for a whole day. Oh and I think I'm going to get my hair cut. It's gonna be really short all but he bangs and those will be put on the sides. I guess you'll see what I mean if I ever get it cut. I think I have leukemia but I don't know what all the warning signs are. I had a friend in Florida who had it and she had these little red dots on her skin that I have too and I realized last night that my skin is almost transparent. I can see most of the veins in my body. That is soooo weird. Well, I really don't have much to say soooo,
xoxoxoxoxox dawn
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