skittles (dandylion) wrote,

Come and get your appologies..........

im sorry ive lied to people,
im sorry im not perfect,
im sorry that ive made life hard for some people,
im sorry i can't be what people need me to be,
im sorry i haven't been there for some of you,
im sorry you ever had to meet me,
im sorry i was ever born,
im sorry that i wasn't closer to some people,
im sorry i let myself feel close to some people,
im sorry for the trouble people have gone for me,
and the trouble theywent through with me,
im sorry i can't make the world happy,
im sorry i can't make myself happy,
im sorry i fell in love with you brent,
im sorry i verbally attacted sarah,
im sorry im not as pretty as every other girl,
im sorry i get carried away,
im sorry im not a better friend,
im sorry im not a better daughter,
im sorry i don't have any personality,
im sorry im boring,
im sorry i don't act so sweet,
im sorry i have an attitude problem,
im sorry things didn't work out for pupil from the begining,
im sorry for everything i ever did to piss anyone off.
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